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Policy documents – Guidelines

Policy documents – Guidelines

Policy documents- Guidelines files

Better Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships for Transport Infrastructure.pdf (1.08 MB)
CIVITAS_II_Policy_Advice_Notes_03_Cycling_and_Walking.pdf (1.08 MB)
CIVITAS_II_Policy_Advice_Notes_06_Mobility_Management.pdf (983 KB)
CIVITAS_II_Policy_Advice_Notes_08_Promotion_and_Education.pdf (1.05 MB)
Civitas_stakeholder_consultation_brochure.pdf (2.16 MB)
com(2013)913_en.pdf (100 KB)
Cycling in the Netherlands 2009.pdf (4.36 MB)
Cycling- Inclusive for Transport Infrastructure.pdf (19 MB)
Cycling Project for Saxony.pdf (6.32 MB)
Get Britain cYCLING.pdf (2.90 MB)
Guidelines_Active_Travel_Audit_final.pdf (269 KB)
Improvement and promotion of bike mobility.pdf (3.49 MB)
Mobilite 21.pdf (3.66 MB)
National Policies to Promote Cycling- ECMT.pdf (3.64 MB)
Optimising Bike Sharing in European Cities- OBIS.pdf (7.22 MB)
Pedestrian Bicycle Scan Summary Report.pdf (1.39 MB)
Public Policies for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility.pdf (1.75 MB)
SUMP_guidelines_web0.pdf (3.86 MB)
Victory for cycling in Portugal_ Government approves new road code- ECF.pdf (806 KB)

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